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Globe flags world country countriesThis blog is devoted to the many technological tools that can be used in the language teaching classroom—to include both those tools that are designed to teach languages, and those that can be adapted for this context. It is often overwhelming to find such tools amidst the massive amount of available technology, which is why this blog will point out some of these tools and suggest ways to find others. As a rule of thumb, it is important to select tools that will assist you in your language teaching rather than let these tools dictate your teaching.

I am a PhD student of the Second Language Acquisition interdisciplinary program at the University of Arizona, and my minor is Educational Technology. I have a variety of research interests relating to pedagogy and linguistics, including heritage language learners, study abroad, vocabulary learning, and integrating technology into the classroom. I am interested in tools that teach any number of foreign languages, but my language of focus is Modern Hebrew, and I am always on the lookout for technologies to enhance the teaching of the Less Commonly Taught Languages.